UN Sustainable Development

This project was inspired based on SDG Goal #4: Quality Education. 

These goals were developed by the UN to serve as blueprints for a more sustainable future. Each goal addresses a different global challenge and are interconnected. 


Why is quality education important?

Education not only aids but empowers individuals to reach their maximum potential in their lives. It starts with the youngest members of our society who will grow up to become the world's next generation. Education can help people break out of a cycle of poverty. 

Despite a steady growth over the past few years, we are still faced with high non-proficiency levels. In 2015, an estimated 617 million children and adolescents lacked proficiency in reading and math. 

How does this project relate to SDG Goal #4? 

The 'left-behind' children of China are only one of many groups who do not receive a quality education. However, our project can contribute to existing initiatives addressing this issue. By helping this group through our three projects - online English Literacy Curriculum, PEN PAL network and Volunteer Network - we hope to offer more resources, support them mentally and further their learning.