Letter from the President

Dear readers,
My name is Victoria Lu, and I am a student from Canada. This initiative was inspired from my research about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG Goal #4: Quality Education. Reflecting upon my upbringing, I have been fortunate enough to experience a strong education - however, this is not the case for many individuals around the globe.
Although this project has just started and our current team is small, I wish to continue to expand this network and help reduce the education gap for the "left-behind" children of China, little by little. In the coming year, I wish to welcome more members to this team and brainstorm innovative strategies to approach this issue. We will continue to solidify our current projects and constantly update the resources included on this website. 
As you learn more about this project, I hope you feel inspired to take action.  Please drop an email or message if you want to know more. 
Victoria Lu
EDULLC President